July 16, 2022

Bespoke solutions

Bespoke solutions
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Unlike some legal professionals, we have nothing against new players joining the legal market. On the contrary, companies that provide low-cost, automation-based solutions for various legal needs have managed to democratise legal services.

However, the intrinsic one-size-fits-all approach these companies can provide is not enough for ventures with even a modest degree of complexity. Moreover, as most of them clearly state, if one was to read through their terms of service carefully, their services are not intended to constitute or be a substitute for professional legal advice. On the contrary, relying on their services introduces a high degree of operational risk that should be mitigated when the opportunity arises.

Our approach starts with understanding our client's operations and needs to the fullest extent. Then, we design a plan, execute it, and continuously update the legal solution to consider various regulatory changes.

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