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Remote legal services for remote go-getters.

Digital changed everything. And that includes how you get your legal stuff done.

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Freelance or employee, we have you covered. You focus on the code; we focus on the contract.

Start-up Founders

You have a long way in front of you. Let’s make sure you put your right foot forward. Legally speaking.

Content Creators & Influencers

Working with brands can be challenging. Navigating culture can be tricky. We know it’s more complicated than it looks. So let us give you a hand.

Other Freelancers

From photographers and designers to private chefs and fitness coaches. You do you, while we keep you legally sound.

Legal work.
Not guesswork.

Qualified attorneys provide our services, and our third-party experts are diligently sourced.

Legal Advice

We know what it means to be a digital entrepreneur or creative. We’ve been both, so we know the challenges firsthand.

We can help you navigate the legal pitfalls, negotiate with a client, and show you how to best take advantage of the rules, regulations and contractual clauses that apply to your work. 


We draft the contract you need and review the contracts you have to sign. We pay attention to substance and form to put you in the best light in front of your clients and partners.

Whether it's a simple engagement letter or a complicated multi-party framework agreement, you're in safe hands. You and your clients will be crystal clear about what's on the table.

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Liability protection, improved credibility, and tax optimisation are some of the benefits of providing your services through an entity like an LLC or sole proprietorship.

We can guide you in choosing the best type of corporation for your needs and take care of the entire incorporation process 100% online.

Intellectual property 

The internet democratised content distribution and made bringing our ideas to life easier. Unfortunately, it also meant that our creations and ideas could be copied and exploited more easily.

As a creator, developer or photographer, you work with IP on a daily basis. From trademarks and copyrights to NDAs, we can help you protect your IP and set clear boundaries around the IP you generate or work with for your clients.

Hard to earn, easy to lose.

It starts with R.

Working with Radu and his team at has helped me better understand the areas where I was lacking regarding the legal aspects of my entrepreneurial ventures, making my progress much faster.

Venture Chain

Radu's legal knowledge is undeniable, the solutions offered are always very helpful, and what bonded our professional relationship was that he is always available, aware that every problem his clients encounter is essential.

SOLE Timis

Radu Zaharia is a lawyer who practices his profession with dedication and whom you must have by your side when faced with any legal decision. Our long-term collaboration is based on trust, professionalism, strategic thinking, attention to detail and last but not least - boundless creativity. And if I were to make a simple analogy: Radu is sort of an Apple among lawyers.


A young and professional lawyer! An involved, devoted man with a firm grasp of the law who can advise you wisely. We have a perfect collaboration! I recommend him with confidence!

CJ Films

We chose Radu as a collaborator based on his level of seriousness, promptitude and creativity - just a few of the attributes that could describe him. We can confidently say that we could not have made a better choice in the field of law. I recommend everyone at least a collaboration with him.

Limitless Agency

At first, I thought I'd give it a try. Radu didn't disappoint me. Prompt and professional services.

Perfect Skin

Need more than a contract and a pat on the back?


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