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Legal Architecture

The law is blurry

We design, build and implement custom legal architecture–with a focus on 21st century business. 100% online.

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Internal Legal Architecture

The scaffolding of your compliance efforts - internals keep your business running smoothly.

ILA includes corporate policies and procedures, employment contracts, and subcontractor due diligence. Drafting, adoption, training, implementing, and review - we will be there every step of the way.

External Legal Architecture

The foundation of your legal relationships.

From terms of service and privacy policies to legal notices and consent capture - think of the externals as anything legal-related that your customers interact with when enjoying your products or services.

This is where we shine

As part of our complete Legal Architecture services, we will draft the contracts you need and review the ones you must sign. We pay attention to substance and form to put you in the best light in front of your partners.

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Speed and efficiency are essential to any business.

We help you integrate applications and technologies that will make your business run better internally and in your relationship with partners.

Our process

From meet to maintenance.

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Service delivery and implementing

This is where we get to work—developers, accountants, and other experts help us implement our solutions properly.


Proactive legal updates, fully integrated into your business workflow and communication channels. Legal on call...or Slack.

Transparency by excelence

In contrast to most legal work, what we build is made to be out in the open.

Complete Legal Make-Over for a Medical SaaS
Under Radu's guidance, we have successfully built a robust legal architecture from scratch, elevating our SaaS to a level of quality recognized by industry peers.
Oana Herța, COO
+100 documents and procedures
External LA
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Balancing Open-Source and Enterprise Licensing
Radu and his team researched our particular domain beyond our expectations and proactively devised the best solutions to our problems. They went the extra mile.
Adrian Marin, Author of Avo
External LA
Legal Consulting
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Pushing legal frontiers with Gen-AI and LLMs
Together with, we have explored multiple topics in different verticals that challenged the status quo. Their input has been constructive in ensuring that we can pursue innovative ways of doing business while managing legal exposure for our company and clients.
Alin Ferenczi, CEO
External LA
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