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We believe that better legal architecture can lead to a better world.

We are feeling the challenges of the 21st century across industries. The move towards digital has reshaped how businesses interact with clients and partners, while the benefits and challenges of remote work have taken centre stage.

The legal industry has been equally impacted, although being slow to recognize both the immediate demand and long-term change that we will have to enact to step into the new normal.

Have some fun with these thoughs, and Try The Riddle.


When we say digital, we think fast, predictable, and up-to-date; attributes vital to any business but lacking when it comes to traditional legal services.

We pride ourselves not only on being different but being steadfast on the course that all legal professionals will soon trend towards.

We are passionate about technology. We aim to be paperless in the second largest printing industry in the world. We live on Slack, while snail-mail is still the norm. We accept payment in crypto, while paper receipts are still popular.

interior photo of zaharia law office

Hi! I'm Radu Zaharia.

I read and write T.o.S. for a living.

Registered lawyer since 2018
Noletter.com Co-Founder
Podcast host

Hard to earn, easy to lose.

It starts with R.

Working with Radu and his team at Zaharia.law has helped me better understand the areas where I was lacking regarding the legal aspects of my entrepreneurial ventures, making my progress much faster.

Venture Chain

Radu's legal knowledge is undeniable, the solutions offered are always very helpful, and what bonded our professional relationship was that he is always available, aware that every problem his clients encounter is essential.

SOLE Timis

Radu Zaharia is a lawyer who practices his profession with dedication and whom you must have by your side when faced with any legal decision. Our long-term collaboration is based on trust, professionalism, strategic thinking, attention to detail and last but not least - boundless creativity. And if I were to make a simple analogy: Radu is sort of an Apple among lawyers.


A young and professional lawyer! An involved, devoted man with a firm grasp of the law who can advise you wisely. We have a perfect collaboration! I recommend him with confidence!

CJ Films

We chose Radu as a collaborator based on his level of seriousness, promptitude and creativity - just a few of the attributes that could describe him. We can confidently say that we could not have made a better choice in the field of law. I recommend everyone at least a collaboration with him.

Limitless Agency

At first, I thought I'd give it a try. Radu didn't disappoint me. Prompt and professional services.

Perfect Skin